Richie Kotzen Set New Album Release Date, Prepare New Signature Amp

Following previous news about his upcoming new album, guitar virtuoso, Richie Kotzen has finally added more details about the 2017 release, sharing its official released date publicly via his social media page. Just like his previous announcement for “Salting Earth”, Kotzen took to instagram in sharing the release date for that upcoming record which is April 14th. It’s still couple of months away, but music fans should feel some sort of excitement, notably since the maestro did showcase a very short music sample via his social media account.

From that extremely short clip of a potential track from “Salting Earth”, we can somewhat expect a rocking record being produced by RK. The sample pretty much reminded us of songs on his ‘heavier’ albums such as “Returns of the Motherheads Reunion” or “24”. That’s the kind of vibe that seemingly being brought in by the few songs long song clip. Obviously, it remains to be seen what direction that the maestro fully went for his latest outing, since he has been known for that sense of experimentation recently. Nevertheless, it’s always exciting to anticipate the axeman’s latest outing due to that unpredictable creativity that he possess, not just in terms of guitar playing but certainly songwriting as well.

Not only gearing up for the new album release, Kotzen also has another exciting stuff for guitar heads around, which is a new signature amp. Just like “Salting Earth”, the maestro announced via his instagram account about that upcoming amp which is in collaboration with Victory Amps UK. Unfortunately, up til now, there’s been no additional details regarding any official release dates for the signature amps, but it should be anytime soon. Moreover, The Winery Dogs’ vocalist/guitarist also announced dates for his 2017 Tour which for now is scheduled to start on April 21 at The Canyon, Augura Hills, CA and set to conclude on April 29 at BLK Live, Scottsdale, AZ.

More details about the tour dates can be viewed at

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