Music View: Richie Kotzen's Thrilling New Single 'Riot'


Richie Kotzen 'Riot'

Guitar virtuoso and singer, Richie Kotzen, never stop on giving his fans with top notch stuff, including his latest music video for a new song titled 'Riot'. This latest single is the follow up for his previous one called, 'The Damned', which was officially released back on January 24, 2018. However, unlike that first track, Richie's latest out immediately went online via Youtube, instead of getting an exclusive viewing at guitar player magazine a day before. The second track unleashed by the maestro this year, further indicating that a new exciting album might be arriving sometime soon, after his latest outing “Salting Earth” hitting every online music store in 2017.

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Album View: In the Light of Led Zeppelin's "Pompeii Sessions"



The influence of Led Zeppelin is undoubtedly huge for may rock musicians, including for the likes of Antonio Bolet ( Guitar, Mandolin, Slide and Acoustic), Scott Board (Vocals/ Percussion), Autumn Martini (Bass and Acoustic Guitar), Randi Fishenfeld (Violin), Linda Kiley (Keyboard/Synth, Mandolin and Backing Vocals) along with Keith Howard ( Drums) who formed an eventually renown cover band named, In the Light of Led Zeppelin (ITLOL). Just by checking out their band name, people will ultimately know what kind of songs they're playing, though they also received strong influenced from the music released by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant who had their sheer of musical adventures as a duo in the early-mid 90s.

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Album View: Andy Michaels' New Release "Revisited"



Coloring the pop-rock/adult contemporary music realm, notably in Australia, for over a decade doesn't stop singer/song writer, Andy Michaels, resting on his laurels as he continue to deliver new exciting music. Andy's latest gift for the music world is a 13 songs album entitled “Revisited” that was officially released on January 2, 2018, and already receiving positives responses. On this record, the musician plans nothing else aside from providing entertainment for every fans out listener with his creative arrangement, quality song writing which produces fun music for many. In completing that new record, the Australia based musician worked with several of his trustworthy companion such as, Andy Court (backing vocals and keyboard), Sharon Court (vocals and backing vocals) along with Kerrie Ironside (vocals and backing vocals).

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Music View: NEUROTIX's First Single 'Loser'


Grunge music haven't been a popular genre since quite sometime now, but that doesn't seem to stop four talented Chicago baser rocker called, NEUROTIX, from rocking out that style, which was made popular by Nirvana during the early 90s. Inspired by Kurt Cobain's legacy, the quartet started out jamming on their garage, recording raw materials, before eventually mustering up their confidence and courage in releasing their first official music, a single entitled ' Loser”, which also marked the band's musical journey as they planned to unleash two more singles, before eventually unleashing a full album set to be named “Save Me”.

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Music View : Experiencing a Mysterious Music Journey With Ghostly Beard's "Inwards"



In the era where musicians are viciously eyeing for exposure and popularity, there's still those true artists who are determined in just creating music without having to reveal their real identity. One name that recently drawing attention is Canadian based rocker, who labeled himself as Ghostly Beard, an intriguing name indeed, but not necessarily offering dark or scary music stuff as this experienced rocker pretty much combined elements of pop rock, progressive rock, classic rock, jazz fusion and soft rock into one, resulting in an upcoming album entitled “Inward”. Originally known as a guitarist/musician maned Peter Talbot, the Ghostly Beard's persona is a way for Peter to re-enter the music world without any unwanted disturbance as he can simply focus on his music work in the shadows.

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