Album View: Enjoying Kore Rozzik's High Energy New LP "Vengeance Overdrive"


Image courtesy of Cleopatra Records

Having been one of the successful local acts in New York recently, five piece rockers, Kore Rozzik, are determined to expand their wings in the metal/hard rock music scene by releasing their new LP entitled “Vengeance Overdrive” on July 20, 2018. The album consisted of 12 exciting tracks which served as an introduction of their musical qualities to music fans from all over the world as they are building their musical path. Named as their charismatic vocalist, the band are more than just Kore as they also have other talented musicians such as, Andrei (guitars), Lynxx (guitars), Louie (drums) and Grim (bass), who create such united group who compose rockin' stuff.

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Album View: Paralandra's Latest EP "Ascension"


image courtesy of Legends Records

Already entering the hard rock/metal music scene since 2014, four exciting rockers called Paralandra are determined to further enhance their career by unleashing their latest EP entitled “Ascension”, which received its official released date on June 1, 2018. Born from a very unique father – daughter combination of Paul Carson (guitar) and Cassandra Carson (vocal and guitar), they continue to develop with two more addition, Nick Gray (drums) along with Sawyer Rikard (bass). Having just signed with Legendary Records, the foursome are hopeful that their latest outing can help them in sharing their music for all music enthusiasts everywhere.

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Album View: American Amnesia's Debut Record "Yet Here We Are"

 American Amnesia


Alternative Rock genre haven't been hitting the music heights in recent years, but that certainly won't stop new musicians playing that style, just like this young talented rockers calling themselves, American Amnesia, who are ready to hit the big stage as an alt rock band. Consisting of three exciting teenage rockers: Patrick Nemaizer (lead vocals and guitar), Sam Cesnak (drums and vocals) along with Gus Pac (bass and vocals) the trio are embarking themselves into the music realm with their debut album “Yet Here We Are”. Keen on expressing their musical talent, the rockers combined different rock styles on their record, resulting in eleven exciting 11 tracks that will entertain many music lovers.

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Music View: Beyond Unbroken's Latest MV 'Memories'


After such hectic month, I finally got the time for completing and publishing more music stuff and for today, it's a pleasure to get things going again with this recent music video from metal core/post hardcore act, Beyond Unbroken. The Phoenix, Arizona based rockers shared an exciting MV for their track entitled 'Memories', which received its' official premier on August 17, 2018. That clip itself was being directed by Jacob Reynolds and has a kind of dark atmosphere, notably with somewhat bleak story line along with gloomy kind of feel.

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Music View: Richie Kotzen's Thrilling New Single 'Riot'


Richie Kotzen 'Riot'

Guitar virtuoso and singer, Richie Kotzen, never stop on giving his fans with top notch stuff, including his latest music video for a new song titled 'Riot'. This latest single is the follow up for his previous one called, 'The Damned', which was officially released back on January 24, 2018. However, unlike that first track, Richie's latest out immediately went online via Youtube, instead of getting an exclusive viewing at guitar player magazine a day before. The second track unleashed by the maestro this year, further indicating that a new exciting album might be arriving sometime soon, after his latest outing “Salting Earth” hitting every online music store in 2017.

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