Album View: Embracing Oliver Cheung's EP "Remembrance"


Instrumental progressive rock music might not be a super popular genre in recent years, but the musicality, technicality and just simply the flavor seems to continue inspiring new musicians from all over the globe, including Hong Kong talented guitarist/musician, Oliver Cheung. Inspired by prog-rock musicians such as Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Opeth and Sithy Aye, Oliver composed and unleashed his latest EP entitled “Remembrace” back on December 10, 2017. Consisting of three tracks, the young musician looks determined to showcase his musical quality into all of his tune as he introduced himself into the music world.

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Album View: Raven King's Self Titled Release



Combining art rock with grunge might not be a common theme, even in current era, but that idea doesn't stop three talented rockers called Raven King from exploring it and eventually led them into releasing a self titled album back on December 28, 2017. The trio worked hard in writing, arranging about 11 tracks of art-grunge-rock stuff with intriguing harmonies along with intensely dark lyrics that simply gave them that distinctive difference compared to other alternative/grunge bands out there. Incorporating a rather jazzy and groovy tones into their grunge rock element, this rockers certainly create such unique sound and atmosphere on their songs, something that can take music lovers deep into an artistic musical journey which not many have experience before. 

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Music View: Rockin Out 2018 With Richie Kotzen's 'The Damned'

Richie Kotzen's 'The Damned'
courtesy of Youtube


Guitar virtuoso, Richie Kotzen continue to showcasing his musical productivity as early in 2018, he already premiered a new single along with its music video entitled 'The Damned', that was first unleashed via guitar player magazine website before eventually making ways via the guitarist's official Youtube channel on January 25. The new track seemingly is a sign of an upcoming record this year, which unfortunately up til now still not much details being shared by the axeman/singer himself apart from that something will certainly arrive sometime soon.

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Album View: Enjoying Jason Vitelli's New Release "Head Above Tide"



Still in the early months of 2018, rock music never stop releasing exciting stuff for the fans, such as a recent outing from New York baser rocker, Jason Vitelli. The musician crafted in total of 16 tracks, combining many interesting element from dramatic kind of arrangements, with that bit of folk approach plus progressive kind of feel which leading into an intriguing art rock album entitled “Head Above Tide”, which just received its official release on January 17th 2018. On the new songs, Jason basically keen on describing how people handle obstacles in life and facing any adversities along the way. Not only taking one or two references, the rocker went all out and set down stuff from family, literature, romance relationship, fantasy and even the culture around him all become inspiration for stories he developed on his songs.

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Starting Up 2018 With Joe Satriani's "What Happens Next"


Joe Satriani
Photo Credits of Sony Music Media


Just a few days into 2018, rock enthusiasts along with guitar heads will be getting an exciting entertainment as guitar virtuoso, Joe Satriani set to release his new album entitled “What Happens Next” on January 12. The new record consisting in total of 12 electrifying instrumental tracks which are results of Joe's collaboration with other top names in the music industry such as Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chickenfoot) on drums and Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Country Communion) playing bass. Not only that, making the album more noteworthy, the virtuoso also tag Mike Fraser as producer/engineer/mixer as he once again collaborate with the guitar maestro, continuing their frequent partnership since the last 20 years.

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