Experiencing a Mysterious Music Journey With Ghostly Beard’s “Inwards”

In the era where musicians are viciously eyeing for exposure and popularity, there’s still those true artists who are determined in just creating music without having to reveal their real identity. One name that recently drawing attention is Canadian based rocker, who labeled himself as Ghostly Beard, an intriguing name indeed, but not necessarily offering dark or scary music stuff as this experienced rocker pretty much combined elements of pop rock, progressive rock, classic rock, jazz fusion and soft rock into one, resulting in an upcoming album entitled “Inward”. Originally known as a guitarist/musician maned Peter Talbot, the Ghostly Beard’s persona is a way for Peter to re-enter the music world without any unwanted disturbance as he can simply focus on his music work in the shadows.

“Inward” itself is simply Peter’s creative collection as Ghostly Beard in which he crafted in total of 10 tracks with strong emotions, quality song writings along with creative blend of genres. Starting his musical adventure, the mysterious musician introduced us with an exciting track called ‘How Does It Feel’ that brings out that soft rock element with slight pop vibe being combined in such fine fashion that will take its listener into the musician’s engaging music realm. It’s just simply a comforting music with nice vocals and fine composition with soothing guitar solos accompanying it. ‘The Love in You Eyes’ is a sweet pop-rock track with that slight progressive feel being implemented to create that intriguing kind of atmosphere which blends really well.

Just like its title, ‘Autumn Blues’ will entertain fans with an exciting blues-rock instrumental display, which showcase Peter’s guitar skills along with excellent composition since crafting an non lyrical music isn’t always easy but the rocker pulled it off in such fine manner. ‘Night Train’ also offers an exciting soft rock piece with that progressive element being implemented along with slight jazz feel to once again creating that soothing comforting rock piece. A slightly darker and mysterious kind of atmosphere can be experienced from 9 to 5 (Barely Alive) which is composed with a prog rock element with another excellent guitar playing that simply completed the track masterfully. ‘Let In Rain’ possessed that bit of melodic pop-rock vibe that create a slightly bright feel while tuning into it. There’s just that certain atmosphere that can take music lover.

The album itself being closed out with another bright rockin’ track called ‘Going Away’ that also offers that bluesy element, especially in Ghostly Beard’s guitar playing combined with the usual prog feel that’s been practically visible in the whole album. Overall, “Inward” is truly an artsy rock album with strong element of progressive and soft rock combined with several other pieces from jazz, blues and pop kind of genres to create 10 musically comforting pieces that can easily attracting attention of many rock enthusiasts from all over the globe. Set to be officially unleashed on May 4, 208, music fans can prepare themselves with several official videos, that have been premiered online recently, before eventually getting their hands on the actual new album. However, just like many prog rock influenced records, this latest outing from the Canadian rocker might not be something for everyone, but those who are keen with this genre can certainly enjoy it.

Full track listing for Ghostly Beard’s “Inward” :

1. How Does It Feel?
2. The Love in Your Eyes
3. Gone
4. Autumn Blues
5. Night Train
6. Let Go
7. It Doesn’t Matter
8. 9 to 5 (Barely Alive)
9. Let It Rain
10. Going Away

Official Release date: May 4, 2018

More information about Ghostly Beard can be checked out at:

Here are also some official music videos from Ghostly Beard:

‘The Love In Your Eyes’

‘Going Away’

‘A Reason to Leave’

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