Extreme unveil collaboration with Beautiful People clothing brand

Funk Metal act, Extreme unveil their new merch, which is a collaboration with the Japanese clothing brand, Beautiful People.

The rockers are gearing up for some potential new music-related stuff, but before that happens, they unleash an interesting present for their fans. On their Instagram story, Extreme unveil their new long sleeve tee/sweater.

The new merch is called “The/a Rock Knit”, a collaboration project with Japanese clothing brand, Beautiful People. The product is currently available for pre-order as its official sale will only start in mid-November.

Aside from Extreme, Beautiful People’s “The/a Rock Knit” campaign also involve speed metal legend, Helloween. So rock fans can have some cool options on what merch they can get from the clothing brand.

In promoting the Extreme tee, Beautiful People’s designer, Hidenori Kumakiri showcases his guitar skills by playing the band’s solo for “Play with me”.

The collaboration apparently it’s not the first time for both as it’s already their fifth one to this date.


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