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Spanish based alternative rockers, Screams On Sunday have been attracting attention from rock enthusiasts lately, especially with their recent songs such as ‘Behave’, ‘The Night’ long with ‘Tired and Sick’. Starting their musical journey since 2013, the rock quarted continue to grow significantly throughout the years as they never stops making music and performing. Heading into 2019, Rock-Expert had the chance to talk with this talented bunch about their music, dreams and future plans.

So here it is, get to know more about this exciting Spanish quartet rockers in our in depth interview.

First thing first, for those who are new to Screams on Sunday, can you guys share a bit of band your profile?

Hey! Well, we are a Spanish female-fronted alternative rock band. That’s basically it hahahaha. It’s four of us in the band and we just love doing the music we love, which is not limiting ourselves to any defined “style” and just experimenting with what comes from our hearts and looking for our own sound, that special “something” that defines us. And we also love killing it onstage. That’s what we like the most.

If we me know, where does the name Screams On Sunday came from? Does it have any special meaning?

Well, I have two younger sisters and one day they were screaming a lot, arguing over something a Sunday morning. Funny thing is, the guys and I were thinking about names for the band that day, and I came up with the Screams On Sunday one as a joke, but they liked it, and it stayed. So guess we should thank my sisters? Sorry there’s no more deep meaning to it xD

What band/musicians who influence you guys to play music for the first time?

The fours of us have a lot of different influences, it’s not as we listen to exactly the same music or artists, though we have a lot of others in common. In my case, I grew up listening to a lot of pop and rock as well. I had always loved music. But it wasn’t until later on during my Middle School years (what in Spain we call “Instituto”) that I started to dig deeper into rock music and specially pop-rock. Bands like All Time Low or Tokio Hotel made me want to start my own band. I just loved seeing the complicity between band members, it gave music the meaning of more than just music.

You guys have been together since 2013, what makes you guys click? And eventually decided to form Screams On Sunday together?

Who knows? I still wonder hahaha And I guess the easy answer is music and the passion we share for it. It’s not as if we had formed the band because we knew each other in School or anything, we got to know each other on the Internet, looking for people who wanted to start out a band. None of us knew people who wanted to rock, so, we had to look elsewhere. Then, I guess we have some other chemistry besides music, but rock is what made us get to know each other!

Being based in Europe, do you guys have any trouble of problems in promoting/spreading your music ?

I think Europe is an amazing place to be! The problem we are currently facing is not Europe itself but Spain, where rock and singing in English are not a very popular combination here. But, seriously, I really believe in us and I don’t think the place where you come from should determine your future. We have incredible bands and musicians here in Spain and Europe, but we are not in the heart of the music industry (UK, USA or Japan), so maybe that’s why developing a musical career can be way more difficult. There are not many opportunities. But in the end, music is music. And the most important thing to it is that it has to make you feel. Is not about being the best, doing the sickest thing with your instrument or whatever, is about making the listener feel, and that isn’t exclusive to some countries. That is inside all of us with a passion for music.

You guys already released an EP and some singles, so when can we expect the full album to arrive?

That we’d love to know! We’d love to release a full album, honestly, but we think it’s not the time yet to do so. Guess that when we have a bigger fanbase and a bigger budget hahahaha

In terms of song writting, where or how do you normally get your inspiration from?

Wow, most of the time from feelings. I mean, we may start improvising to a certain feeling or situation in life, and that’s it. When it comes to the music it’s more difficult to define the inspiration than when it comes to the lyrics, for which I choose a topic and then develop it accordingly.

Being a mixed gender band, what kind of difficulties you usually have? If there’s any?

Well, there are no problems with being a mixed gender band, to be honest. We do our thing and that’s it. It’s true that sometimes the guys and I have different ways of seeing things, but I think that’s something personal and not gender-related. However, when it comes to playing shows, we do get treated a bit differently, sometimes, not always. It’s a bit annoying to get separated into another room just because I’m a girl and they are guys, for example, you know? We came here together, I don’t want to be alone. A lot of times I get asked if I want a separate room, and I’m like: why would I? They’re my friends, dude!

Rock music are not actually at top of music chain in recent years, what motivates you to keep making music in that genre?

Because we love it, as simple as that! That’s what comes from our hearts, so there’s no other way we’d be doing any other thing.

Being a relatively new band yourself, do you guys also check out the new music that are coming out lately? Any musicians or bands that you really enjoy?

Of course! In fact, I may say that maybe we listen to more new stuff and bands than established ones, though we also keep listening to classics and oldies and learn from previous artists. I guess that we listen to a lot of new stuff to see if we find something really fresh. Lately we are all enjoying bands like Don Broco, Nothing But Thieves or Normandie.

2018 is coming to an end, what’s your most memorable moment on the year?

There are lots of memorable moments, but I think one of those would be our recording session with Dani Alcover, he’s a pretty well-known Spanish producer and we’re really happy with how we’ve done in the studio, so now we only have to wait for the new music. And also, another memorable moment is to have started working with CB Entertainment, we really hope that can open some new doors for us and we’re so happy to be on board with some other amazing international bands!

What’s your goal and dream as a band? And on personal level as a musician?

To do what we love, and live doing so. That’s it. On a personal level, I would say to make people feel what I feel when I sing, that’s my biggest dream.

What’s your hope and plan in 2019?

We don’t want to hope so much but work on what we want, so what we want for 2019 is to release this new music and get a lot of people to know Screams On Sunday and also to be able to tour Europe, the UK and the States. That’s what we’re working towards ^^

Interviewed by Dewa Nugraha

If you haven’t check out Screams On Sunday’s music, here are some of their latest stuff:

Tired and Sick


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