Joe Satriani Unleashed Ibanez JS2450 Muscle Black Car

Guitar maestro, Joe Satriani and Ibanez recently released a new signature series of the maestro, which is called JS2450MCB. The MCB on that name tag is a short name for Muscle Car Black which basically representing the guitar’s color and finishes. It’s quite intriguing an interesting design indeed, albeit the basic is pretty much Satch’s natural JS signature model, but this new model somewhat have that badass aura, which might also be suitable for hard rock or metal players.

In terms of specification, JS2450 is crafted with an alder body, rosewood fretboard along with Mother of pearl dot inlay, Edge tremolo bridge, DiMarzio pickups in both neck and bridge, basic factory tuning (normal E tuning) and 0.09 string gauge setup. This axe also has an interesting tone pot switch setup which pretty much affecting its pickups’ switch system. Overall, an interesting and high tech guitar that you surely expect to come from someone like Joe, who has been known for his intensive care for sound and tech aside from exquisite playing skills. More details about this guitar can always be checked out at site.

The price for this fascinating guitar is somewhere in the range of $2700, which is quite expensive but also rather common in this current era where prices going nowhere aside from moving up. Anyway, those who are keen on collecting top quality axe and have the finance for it, should just go for this precious piece as it looks line an excellent piece of work.

Dewa Nugraha

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