Richie Kotzen’s New Single During Quarantine ‘Raise The Cain’

Guitar virtuoso, Richie Kotzen recently released a new single during quarantine period called ‘Raise The Cain’ which also have its accompanying music video on Youtube. The song is another classic bluesy rock piece from Richie with that prog element thanks to Mike Portnoy’s 7/8 groove on drums.

The writing process of this new single is quite interesting as it was told by Richie himself on his official instagram account in which he said that it’s not something he was planning to do. After releasing his latest 50/50 album, the rocker was only planning to do some tour in support of that record, but current pandemic situation obviously putting a hold of that plan.

That situation eventually set Richie into a moment where he’s simply getting that musical inspiration and new ideas for crafting another song. Moreover, the basic of ‘Raise The Cain’ itself happened following the guitarist’s phone call with Mike and the drummer putting on his 7/8 stuff which was eventually arranged into the new song by the ex-Mr. Big axeman.

After completing it, RK actually had another plan of sitting the song for an upcoming album, but eventually opting otherwise. Eventually, he decided to unleash the track along with a simple homemade lyric video which also showcasing himself comfortably playing and singing the tune on the official clip.

Despite being a very simple home video, it’s still quite interesting to check out ‘Raise The Cain’ clip since it’s basically the platform that Richie shared aside from his download version. Nevertheless, it’s another treat for any rock lovers, especially those who really enjoy RK’s exciting music.

Here’s the music video for Richie Kotzen’s ‘Raise The Cain’


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