Babymetal Performed With Judas Priest’s Rob Halford

Japanese new pop-metal icon, Babymetal continue to make their way into getting that international recognition as they recently performed with Judas Priest’s lead singer, Rob Halford in the 2016 Alternative Press Music Awards. The three young girls took the stage singing two Priest’s renown tracks, ‘Painkiller’ along with ‘Breaking the Law’ giving all they could which received positive affection from Halford himself, who stated that those girls gave 1000 percent on their performance. It was an intense display indeed, from the first track which basically vocal duet between Babymetal’s Su metal into the second one where the other two members, Yui and Moa showing up playing guitars.

Known with her ability as lead singer, naturally Su was the one exclusively sung the duet tracks with Halfrod, while Yui and Moa were helping up with their own contribution. It was a rather fun performance from the girls who despite looking slightly nervous, still able to provide an entertaining spectacle to the fans who watched it live. This duet performance once again prove how the metal scene have practically welcome this young girls as the new breed of Metal performers, who are able to bring this kind of genre into the ears of many people who at first might never have any interest in listening to. So, despite all the controversies with die hard heavy metal lovers, who still can’t grasp Babymetal presence, the musicians from that genre itself have shown their warm embrace to those young girls.

Here is the video of Babymetal’s performance with Rob Halford of Judas Priest:

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