Embracing Oliver Cheung’s EP “Remembrance”

Instrumental progressive rock music might not be a super popular genre in recent years, but the musicality, technicality and just simply the flavor seems to continue inspiring new musicians from all over the globe, including Hong Kong talented guitarist/musician, Oliver Cheung. Inspired by prog-rock musicians such as Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Opeth and Sithy Aye, Oliver composed and unleashed his latest EP entitled “Remembrace” back on December 10, 2017. Consisting of three tracks, the young musician looks determined to showcase his musical quality into all of his tune as he introduced himself into the music world.

Starting out as classical based musician, Oliver certainly possessed strong and solid music base, which provide him with the competent ability in crafting quality progressive rock songs. The musician begin his musical adventure by introducing his EP’s title track, that will immediately take its listener into a mysterious and mythical atmosphere. Soothing sound with melodic guitar playing proving comforting feel early on, before the distortion kicks in after around the two minutes mark and start providing that exciting prog feel with fine composition. It’s a very entertaining feel that have that steady mood shift from the slower ballad like feel into a much harder and complex musical approach without making any odd jumps here and there.

The second track from that EP is ‘Fragment’ which immediately brought that hard and heavy progressive metal sound with intriguing riffs and attractive drum playing. Despite having a much heavier approach compared from ‘Remembrance’, this second track continue to put that melodic feel in between the heavy riffs, creating such nice musical combination. Certainly another entertaining piece that can easily be enjoyed by many rock fans out there, even for those who haven’t listen to much instrumental pieces. Closing out the EP is ‘Fals Hope’ that seemingly try to share a certain kind of emotion with such melodic progression slightly similar to the opening song as it also start slow before switching into heavier route. Not only well written, this song is also being mastered quite well resulting in such quality sounding EP that’s not always the case with mini albums with low number of tracks in it.

Overall, Oliver Cheung’s “Remembrance” is a well made EP with smooth and quality guitar playing, combined with fine sound along with excellent music composition/writing which is certainly well recommended for any guitar heads or rock enthusiast, notably those prog rock maniac out there. Despite not being too technical on his playing, the Hong Kong based musician/guitarist still put solid display with strong riffs and overall excellent composition as he seemingly focusing more on his music writing instead of just showing of his skills. Although instrumental music is not something for everyone, but this EP can be something that common music lovers enjoy, especially in their leisure time.

Full track listing for Oliver Cheung’s New EP “Remembrance”:

  1. Remembrance
  2. Fragments
  3. False Hope

Official release date : December 10, 2017.

More information regarding Oliver Cheung and his music can be checked out at:


Check out the audio streaming of Oliver Cheung’s EP “Remembrance” :

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