NEUROTIX’s First Single ‘Loser’

Grunge music haven’t been a popular genre since quite sometime now, but that doesn’t seem to stop four talented Chicago baser rocker called, NEUROTIX, from rocking out that style, which was made popular by Nirvana during the early 90s. Inspired by Kurt Cobain’s legacy, the quartet started out jamming on their garage, recording raw materials, before eventually mustering up their confidence and courage in releasing their first official music, a single entitled ‘ Loser”, which also marked the band’s musical journey as they planned to unleash two more singles, before eventually unleashing a full album set to be named “Save Me”.

According to the rockers, ‘Loser’ itself is a song that means so much for the band as it’s one of their first favorite songs that they’ve written during their early jamming days. NEUROTIX certainly believe that it was just the right decision in picking that track as their first official release. Musically, the debut track is a very raw grunge piece with such strong Nirvana‘s influence, from its riff, composition even vocal approach somewhat brings up that kind of vibe. The energetic drum lines also help in creating that strong emotional feel that they seemingly keen on expressing from start to finish. It’s a very short song though, only 2.30 minutes long but it’s more than enough to showcase strong emotional expression that can easily attract fans of this genre in listening to it.

Aiming to resurrect grunge’s in current music era, NEUROTIX certainly showcasing their intent with their first single, though one might think they will need to show more of similar kind of spirit on their next songs. Nevertheless, it’s a positive approach in introducing to the music world what kind of sound and style that they most likely can produce on their upcoming full album. The bend themselves have actually recorded and release a raw recording of their songs called , but it was not an album that got professionally recorded and mixed in a studio. That’s why Dominic Tonozzi (lead vocals and guitar), Paul Ryhne (lead guitar), Carlo Tamayo (bass and vocals) along with David Reisig (drums) finally pushing to record an official album with ‘Loser’ picked as their opening single.

Although the band might not be playing a popular genre, but they’re determination and belief in their musical identity is certainly something that should be appreciated. The debut single is a strong representation of their potential and albeit it’s not the type of music for everyone, especially in this current era, but grunge lovers or alternative rock enthusiast could find themselves hooked and anticipating what’s coming out next from this quartet of talented rockers. In all, the band showed intriguing potential through ‘Loser’ and music fans can expect more exciting stuff coming out from them later this year.

Single : ‘Loser’

Official Release Date : May 22, 2018


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Check out an interesting music video from NEUROTIX for a song titled ‘Service Me’

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