Season Of Ghosts’ New Album ” A Leap Of Faith”

After enjoying their previous single ‘A Place to Call Home’ now it’s time to get deeper and dissect Season Of Ghosts’ new album entitled “A Leap Of Faith”, which received its official released back on October 22, 2018. The new release consisting of 10 tracks with a bonus (Japanese version of ‘A Place to Call Home’) for digital purchases or online music outlets. It’s certainly an intriguing album that the band consider as result of their collective experiences four years after their debut release “The Human Paradox”. The Electronic Metal quartet also combined wide range of musical influences on their latest record, inserting Japanese Visual Key, American Rock along with European Metal, creating that fascinating rich and modern style that one can certainly heard as they tune in to every track.

Starting out their musical journey, the band entertain metal fans with a lovely instrumental composition called ‘The Road So Far’ which seemingly paving ways before things got heat up as Season Of Ghosts crank up the album’s first single. Next on line is ‘Astero (Id)’ a fast paced modern metal piece that didn’t lose any of its melodic bits, creating such intriguing combination that would attract strong interest from current generation. A stronger classic hard rock/metal feel can be heard from listen with its heavy distortion and exciting riffs that colored the track from start to finish. The catchy hook part certainly giving that sweetened element into the rockin’ track as it pretty much brings out that wide range of musical influences that this four piece musicians have.

The album title track ‘A Leap of Faith’ giving out that unique ambiance with an intriguing change of pace when it hit the chorus part. An interesting track that also have that slightly mysterious and peaceful atmosphere as it tries to capture what the band feels. ‘How the Story End’ started off with another fine hard rock approach, before combining that modern touch and stunning melodic display, notably during the chorus section, creating another fun and exciting track to enjoy. ‘Almost Human’ continue to offer that enchanting Electronic metal themed track with swift change of pace with breath taking vocal and fine instrument playing.

‘What A Time to Be Alive’ unique brings out an industrial metal feel with a bit of prog rock element which are certainly blended with their basic modern electronic music approach. A very lovely short piano based instrumental piece titled ‘You Are Not in Pain’ can be considered as the closing to their musical journey as the next track would be a remix version of Listen which is being named Listen (To this) (Fatal Fe Remix) and the bonus one as it was mentioned above is the Japanese version of ‘A Place to Call Home’. Overall, this new album is certainly an exciting record that showcase the band’s strong musical ability with excellent instruments playing, exquisite vocals and quality composition. Their electronic influence doesn’t overpower the band’s strong metal element, making it still a comfortable stuff to check out for die hard rock/metal lovers who are that into electronic music.

Full track listing for Season of Ghosts’ new album “A Leap Of Faith”:

1. The Road so Far
2. A Place to Call Home
3. Astero (:id)
4. Listen
5. A Leap of Faith
6. How the Story Ends
7. Almost Human
8. What a Time to Be Alive
9. You Are Not Your Pain
10. Listen (To This) [Fatal Fe Remix]

Bonus track : A Place to Call Home (Japanese Version) available on digital music services

Official release date: October 22, 2018.

More information about Season Of Ghosts’ music, new album and upcoming projects can be checked out at:

Check out the latest music video from Season of Ghosts for their album title track :

‘A Leap Of Faith’

‘A Place to Call Home’ (Japanese Version)

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