Feeling Marty Friedman’s Energetic Vibe on “One Bad M.F. Live”

Having released the excellent “Wall Of Sound” back on August 17, 2017, guitar virtuoso, Marty Friedman didn’t stop spoiling his fans and rock enthusiasts as he recently unleashed another record entitled “One Bad M.F. Live”. The maestro’s 14th solo album received its official release on October 19, 2018 via Prosthetic Records and it’s a special one since just like on its title, the outing is a live recording of Marty’s recent show in Mexico City on April this year. That new record consist of 12 tracks with special two bonus songs only for digital purchases, giving that extra something for those who are more keen on getting music via online.

Not only performing songs from his latest releases, Marty also took some of his classic tracks from previous albums to provide pleasing entertainment for his beloved fans, who made their way into the concert. The former Megadeth‘s axeman started things off with the energetic ‘Speed Demon’ that immediately brings out that electrifying feel from the get go, giving tons of excitement for those watching it live. Fast paced tempo ‘Elixir’ giving that extra head banging energy early on, keeping the crowd certainly alive and most importantly excited with their live show experience. Despite having such massive metal sounding, the second track’s exquisite melodic feel simply making it very lively and fun to enjoy.

After completing his own version of Japanese’s classic ‘Amagi Goe’, Marty finally made a short chat with his fans as he gear up for the metal melodic head banging ‘Inferno’ to further entertain everyone at the concert. As ‘Self Polution’ starting to pollute the crowd with its fascinating mixture of musical feel, the guitar maestro pulled out one of his hit instrumental ballad vibe piece ‘Devil Take Tomorrow’ as he once again greet his loyal crowd before eventually playing the romantic like track. The renown track certainly giving that recharging moment as the fans can just let themselves enjoy every bit of sweet melodies that just flowing in such exciting fashion. After providing exciting medley combination, ‘Whiteworm’ with its unique Latin influenced prog metal combo certainly providing that edge that keeps the fans’ high energy going.

Another ballad enthusiast will once again be entertained by the beautifully crafted ‘Undertow’ that once again showed Marty’s excellent melodic feel and arrangement. ‘Dragon Mistress’ brings out the energetic feel back flowing and another fun Japanese track with strong melodies ‘Kaeritakunatta Yo’ pretty much maintain the lively energy from the crowd. Two additional digital bonus tracks that follows would be ‘Hyperdoom’ along with ‘Stigmata Addiction’ which both continuing that melodic metal theme that seemingly cover most of Marty Friedman’s approach, notably for this specific live album. Overall, “One Bad M.F. Live” is an exciting and quality record that brings plenty of joy not just for the guitarist’s die hard devotees but also fans of hard rock or metal genre. Not only providing quality performance on stage, but the fine audio along with mixing simply makes this record worth checking out.

Artist : Marty Friedman

Album: “One Bad M.F. Live”

Official release date : October 19, 2018.

More information about Marty Friedman, his new album and other projects can be checked out at:

Check out some official videos from “One Bad M.F. Live” songs:


‘Mutation Medley’:

‘Kaeritakunatta yo’:

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