Andy Michaels’ New Release “Revisited”

Coloring the pop-rock/adult contemporary music realm, notably in Australia, for over a decade doesn’t stop singer/song writer, Andy Michaels, resting on his laurels as he continue to deliver new exciting music. Andy’s latest gift for the music world is a 13 songs album entitled “Revisited” that was officially released on January 2, 2018, and already receiving positives responses. On this record, the musician plans nothing else aside from providing entertainment for every fans out listener with his creative arrangement, quality song writing which produces fun music for many. In completing that new record, the Australia based musician worked with several of his trustworthy companion such as, Andy Court (backing vocals and keyboard), Sharon Court (vocals and backing vocals) along with Kerrie Ironside (vocals and backing vocals).


Andy’s strong pop rock element can immediately be felt from his new record’s opening track, ‘Today’s Tomorrow’ that provide that energetic vibe with comforting melodies and joyful spirit from start to finish. ‘Angel’ offers a more ballad kind of feel with soothing acoustic guitar playing combined with strong vocals and catchy hooks that will easily attract music lovers’ attention. It’s one of that romantic song with nice melodies and lovely atmosphere all around, giving out such peaceful vibe when listening to it. Another of that pop-rock ballad kind of style is also visible from a track called ‘I’ll Be Alright (Loving You)’ which also add some lovely choir like backing vocals. Just simply an interestingly warm kind of track, where music lovers seemingly being taken into such breezy and lovely day under the tree.

‘I Just Want to be the One’ offers a quite interesting approach with the creative vocal effects being used and slight modern kind of musical style also added, creating an intriguing song that can attract interest from current generation. ‘Where Are You Now’ brings out Andy’s excellent songwriting quality along with fine guitar playing skills with his lovely chords, melodies and arrangement. This song also showcased the singer/song writer’s story telling talent as he shares his emotion through that track. Musically, it can be considered as an adult contemporary piece that possessed slight country approach, without losing that pop-rock ballad feel as well. ‘Lucretia’s Eylandt’ brought that strong vocal display from Sharon Court, which blends really well with the lovely rock ballad like music. Another beautiful track that once again showcasing the excellent musicality of the Australian musician that should not be disputed anymore.

Starting his musical venture soon after he picked up his guitar during his troublesome time in life which saw him temporarily incapacitated following a car crash, Andy Michaels never look back again and continue to produce lovely music up til now. “Revisited” is another quality musical work from the Australian, where he simply showed his strong pop rock/adult contemporary based with slight versatile approach that can earn affection from music fans from different genres. Although this genre might not be something attractive for everyone, but with the fine songwriting, arrangement and musicality, music fans can certainly enjoy this comforting album.

Full track listing for Andy Michaels’ new album “Revisited”:

1. Today’s Tomorrow
2. Angel
3. Just Because you Love Someone
4. When I Close my Eyes
5. I Just want to be the One
6. I’ll Be Alright Loving You
7. Will There Be Love
8. Where are you Now
9. Home
10. Back to Me
11.White Lies
12. Lucretia’s Eylandt
13. Angel (With Choir)

Official release date: January 2, 2018.

More info about Andy Michaels and his music can be checked out at:

Check out this music videos from Andy Michaels:

White Lies

‘Where Are You Now’

‘I Just Want to be the One’

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