Enjoying Kore Rozzik’s High Energy New LP “Vengeance Overdrive”

Having been one of the successful local acts in New York recently, five piece rockers, Kore Rozzik, are determined to expand their wings in the metal/hard rock music scene by releasing their new LP entitled “Vengeance Overdrive” on July 20, 2018. The album consisted of 12 exciting tracks which served as an introduction of their musical qualities to music fans from all over the world as they are building their musical path. Named as their charismatic vocalist, the band are more than just Kore as they also have other talented musicians such as, Andrei (guitars), Lynxx (guitars), Louie (drums) and Grim (bass), who create such united group who compose rockin’ stuff.

After a short intro called ‘Come Take a Ride’, things get heavy without much warning as the album’s title track immediately gives that energetic metal riffs combined with strong powerful vocals, creating that high adrenaline song that pumps you up. ‘Mistress’ started out with a dark, melodic acoustic intro before splashing out that heavy hitting metal sound, though they mix it with such intriguing and lovely melodies. Certainly an intriguing track that posses that hard rocking element with mysterious vibe, nice hooks, exciting guitar solos and overall fine arrangement. ‘Bitter Rat’ offers that cool had banging runs from start to finish, giving out high energy music with strong emotion to express the song’s meaning in the best way possible.

An interesting throwback kind of atmosphere can be heard from ‘Dirty Little Secret’ that present that 80s-90s hard rock vibes from it’s melodic heavy riffs and catchy hooks. The whole record is being set in such interesting story concept as the band put out some short introduction before blasting out the full track, a very rare method which makes things more interesting. Basically before expressing the story in a track, this rockers put out short story intro to give listener that slight understanding of what kind of tale they are getting. Overall, the songs from this record are fun, heavy sounding, with cool riffs, interesting melodies and certainly well composed. Fans of this genre should be satisfied and intrigued with the musical quality along with creativity that Kore Rozzik offers, though some music lovers might too heavy at first, but once they get the hand of it, the band’s music are actually quite ‘friendly’.

Full track listing for Kore Rozzik’s new album “Vengeance Overdrive”:

  1. Come Take A Ride
  2. Vengeance Overdrive
  3. Found You Online
  4. Mistress
  5. Unidentified Caller
  6. Bitter Rat
  7. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
  8. Now You’ll Pay
  9. Spellbound
  10. Backstage At Gramercy
  11. Dirty Little Secret
  12. Guilty As Charged

official release date: July 20, 2018

label : Cleopatra Records

More information about the band and their new album can be checked out at:

Here is the music video for Kore Rozzik’s single ‘Mistress’:

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