Checking Out Hamish Anderson’s Live MV for ‘Breaking Down’

Continuing the preparation for his upcoming album due in 2019, young rock/blues musician, Hamish Anderson recently premiered an interesting video of his live performance playing a new single titled ‘Breaking Down’. The song itself is his second release, following up to Anderson’s previous song ‘No Hope’, which as outed back on July 20, 2018. As for the latest single, the Australian based rocker opted to premiere one his live performance instead of an official MV, which is quite positive as music fans can clearly see the guitarist/singer’s excellent quality while performing his piece right in front of the audience.

The live performance video itself was first premiered at All Things Go and eventually being made available on Youtube starting from November 28, 2018. Being shot as a live showcase, there’s certainly isn’t much additional stuff being showed aside from the musician performing on stage with strong interaction and reaction from audiences. Anderson’s performance was done at Belly Up, Solana Beach earlier this year and apparently it happened before the rocker even recorded that track, making this new clip even more special. Performing in a three piece band setup, the singer/guitarist was able to put out an excellent musical display with such clear, strong vocal and excellent guitar playing.

As for the song itself, ‘Breaking Down’ is a really nice up beat bluesy rock and roll piece with strong vocals along with such high energy display from start to finish. The quite catchy guitar riffs also brings out another plus point from this track, although some guitar heads might be hungry for more exciting solo plays from Anderson, but the rocker seems more keen on composing a rather balance track instead of just showcasing more of his individual stuff. Albeit it’s far from a super complicated song, but it’s fine composition, progression remain a noteworthy element that rock/blues enthusiast along with guitar lovers can just witness from the talented musician. Moreover, the Aussie rock star’s decision to take that nostalgic element into the new single just makes it much more intriguing as listeners can just walk down the memory lane of legendary bands such as The Who, The Kinks or even Kings of Leon’s early days.

Working with the renown Jim Scott as producer, there’s plenty of satisfaction that Anderson felt with his new track as he simply believes he was able to explain everything he wanted from the song. Moreover, the young rocker explained that although everything seemed to happen rather quickly, there’s no disappointment whatsoever from him over ‘Breaking Down’. This new single is also an excellent representation of what kind of excitement that music lovers can get from the guitarist/singer’s upcoming album, set to arrive in early 2019. After his 2016 debut with “Trouble”, the Australian born musician is looking to further his musical acknowledgment, although it’s no if his lacking of it since he has been getting many praises along with opportunities to perform at many well known music festivals/shows.

Artist: Hamish Anderson’s

Single: ‘Breaking Down’

Official Release date: November 28, 2018

More information about Hamish Anderson, his music and upcoming projects can be checked out at:

Here is the official live music video for Hamish Anderson performing his new single ‘Breaking Down’ :

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