Raven King’s Self Titled Release

Combining art rock with grunge might not be a common theme, even in current era, but that idea doesn’t stop three talented rockers called Raven King from exploring it and eventually led them into releasing a self titled album back on December 28, 2017. The trio worked hard in writing, arranging about 11 tracks of art-grunge-rock stuff with intriguing harmonies along with intensely dark lyrics that simply gave them that distinctive difference compared to other alternative/grunge bands out there. Incorporating a rather jazzy and groovy tones into their grunge rock element, this rockers certainly create such unique sound and atmosphere on their songs, something that can take music lovers deep into an artistic musical journey which not many have experience before.

The first track being introduced from Raven King’s self-titled release is ‘Carnival’, which immediately welcome rock lovers with strong alternative/grunge riffs that have that familiar atmosphere. Added with quite fun melodies and rather odd vocals display simply makes the song quite intriguing, especially for fans of this kind of genre. ‘Drool’ follows up next and it brings out that slightly dark and solid alternative and art rock vibe, notably on its chords progression. That song is also set as the record’s leading track as the rockers also unleashed an official music video to accompany and further promote it. ‘Drifting’ basically also provide similar approach, but there’s stronger melodic sense plus a much friendlier hook that makes it slightly warmer.

A rather slower and somewhat heavier approach can be heard from ‘Skins’ that also provide louder distortion sounding, with a mysterious kind of atmosphere from start to finish. A more hard rock kind of riffs is felt from ‘Lost Token’ as its rockin’ riff sounded super cool, though the vocals seemingly present lots of screaming, but it doesn’t really hop into that metal scene. The album itself was concluded with an interesting track called ‘Armilla’ that incorporated rain like samples sound early on and seems like the band’s were trying to showcase their own soft version. However, musically it doesn’t drift from their basic art-grunge approach at all, creating another unique musical experience for its listener. Overall, the self-titled release from Raven King is certainly a very dark, gloomy kind of ride that also offer that unique sound and musical adventure, especially for rock enthusiasts all over the world.

AJ Bucci (bass and vocals), Will Boisseau (drums and vocals) and Gerrit Curti (guitar and vocals) can consider themselves successful in creating their own musical identity by implement several element which basically turned into that dark art-grunge rock element. The three childhood friends seemingly keen on describing stuff through their own eyes and feel, without having any fear of having to cater into others. Although their sound and style might not be something that can be immediately enjoyed by everyone, but their strong character can win over many rock or grunge enthusiasts as they tune in to the album. Already had its official release since December 28, 2017, music fans can already check out this self-titled outing on many online music outlets.

Full track listing for Raven King’s Self Titled Release:

1. Carnival
2. Drool
3. Drifting
4. Diminished
5. Marble
6. Within Reach
7. Skins
8. Full
9. Lost Token
10. It’s Not Life
11. Armilla


Official release date: December 28, 2017.

More information about Raven King and their new album can be checked out at:


Check out the official music video for Raven King’s lead single ‘Drool’ :

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