Starting Up 2018 With Joe Satriani’s “What Happens Next”

Just a few days into 2018, rock enthusiasts along with guitar heads will be getting an exciting entertainment as guitar virtuoso, Joe Satriani set to release his new album entitled “What Happens Next” on January 12. The new record consisting in total of 12 electrifying instrumental tracks which are results of Joe’s collaboration with other top names in the music industry such as Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chickenfoot) on drums and Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Country Communion) playing bass. Not only that, making the album more noteworthy, the virtuoso also tag Mike Fraser as producer/engineer/mixer as he once again collaborate with the guitar maestro, continuing their frequent partnership since the last 20 years.

Leading the way for his new outing is a track called ‘Energy’ which like its name simply brought things to life with a pretty hard rockin’ sound along with up beat tempo combined with fine melodic line. The maestro’s usual cool guitar riff can already be heard from this first song that certainly live up the album’s atmosphere from the get go. ‘Catbot’ offers that futuristic sounding that we also heard a lot from Satch in his previous albums, combining modern stuff with his exciting soulful playing. ‘Thunder on High Mountain’ shares that distinctive melodic rock feel that it quite common from the maestro. ‘Cherry Blossom’ started off with an epic percussion combined with melodious ballad feel with soft lovely chords creating such soulful piece which suddenly turned energetic with that modern distortion sound being mashed in-between.

A soothing and comforting pop-rock/ballad atmosphere can also be heard from ‘Righteous’ which once again showcasing Joe’s masterful arrangement and melodic feel. There’s simply a joyful kind feel while tuning in to this track, but it still written in such technical fashion that makes it enjoyably fulfilling. An exciting and funky rockin’ riffs from ‘Headrush’ will certainly makes the guitar heads overjoyed and pick up their guitar trying to jam around this somewhat hectic (in a good way) kind of track. Another funky/pop-rock element is brewing nicely on ‘Looper’, while ‘Super Funky Badass’ is actually much possessed a more hard rock kind of vibe into it. The album’s title track itself provided an intriguing charm with somewhat mysterious and slightly hollow kind of atmosphere being presented at the start, before it enters such hopeful melody.

The album is being concluded with a bluesy-rock kind of track which being blend with the guitarist’s masterful melodic feel, creating a dynamic and lovely ending track that brings and end to such energizing musical experience. Overall, Joe’s new release “What Happen Next” is another fun instrumental rock record that offers tons of musical dynamic in each songs, which will bring fans into such curious state while tuning into each tracks of this new album. Certainly an interesting selection to start the 2018, especially for guitar heads or even any music lovers all over the globe. In support of the new album and also continuing his majestic tradition, the virtuoso will be heading on his regular epic G3 tour starting from January 11, accompanied with other maestros, John Petrucci of Dream Theater along with Phil Collen from Def Leppard.

Full Track Listing for Joe Satriani’s new album “What Happens Next”:

1 – Energy

2 – Catbot

3 – Thunder High On The Mountain

4 – Cherry Blossoms

5 – Righteous

6 – Smooth Soul

7 – Headrush

8 – Looper

9 – What Happens Next

10 – Super Funky Badass

11 – Invisible

12 – Forever And Ever

Official Release date: January 12th , 2018.


Joe Satriani (guitars)

Glenn Hughes (bass)

Chad Smith (drums)

many thanks to Sony Music Media and Mad Ink PR( Melissa Dragich-Cordero) for the wonderful album

More information about Joe Satriani’s new album, tour and other music stuff can be checked out at:

Check out Joe’s story about making the new album “What Happens Next” :

You can also enjoy some songs on Joe’s Youtube VEVO before picking up the full album:


‘What Happens Next’

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