The Frost Duo’s New Release “Spring”

Music has always been such global and plural form of art which allows us to enjoy many different genres. This sentiment might be what eventually triggers the rise of multi-genre musicians, such as what is being offered by Pennsylvania based duo, The Frost Duo. The exciting music combo of Christian Gratz and LeahBeth Evans have been able to produce quality stuff, notably with what people can check out from their new album entitled “Spring”. On the new record, the band crafted in total of 10 tracks with a very diverse musical genre from a fun energetic pop-rock vibe, ballad, Americana and even a good amount of country element as well.

This award winning duo continue to entertain music fans with their fun, timeless and energetic atmosphere which can be heard from their tracks. One that particularly that delivers that exciting vibe right from the get go is ‘Aimee’, that has a funky big band tune combined with bit of pop-rock feel. This song immediately hits you with that certain kind of fee, some kind of nostalgic but not old fashion. Another interesting track from this album is ‘I’m Afraid of Her’ that present a nice country-rock influenced piece with fine melodies. A funky pop tune with slight rock element can also be heard from ‘Scharlotte’, which combines nice rhythm, melodic element, vocals along with sweet guitar distortion.

A more uptempo country-rock stuff is being offered from ‘Gotta Live Fast’, once again showcasing excellent vocals and fine guitar playing. Some cool guitar riffs simply blends really well with the whole song, enriching this track into a fun tune. The band also offer an inspirational piece with their track ‘Not Your Time’, a swift combination between christian rock, country and ballad. It’s also a song with strong message about suicide awareness, encouraging people to avoid going into that end road and keep on living. In all, The Frost Duo’s latest release “Spring” is a fun and enjoyable album filled with many joyful tunes that can attract attention of many music lovers from different genre.

Here is the full track listing for The Frost Duo’s “Spring”:

  • Scharlotte
  • Not Your Time
  • Gotta Live Fast
  • I’m Afraid of Her
  • Tiger
  • Keep It Real
  • City Girl
  • Be Ok
  • Aimee
  • Keep It Real (Not John Remix)

Album release date: 26 April 2019.

Check out an acoustic official music video for the track ‘Be Ok’:

More information about the exciting duo and their new album can be checked out at:

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