Checking Out Orpo Piru’s New Video ‘Betelgueze’

Post rock/pop genre might not be something that’s highlighting the current music market, but it’s still a fascinating style which attracted many talented musicians, including Finland based solo act, Orpo Piru. The music project seemingly keen on diving into that post rock with strong alternative vibe which he recently unleashed on his debut album entitled “A-Mortal Visions”. In a further attempt to support that record, Piru has also premiered a music video for his latest single ‘Betelgueze’, an intriguing instrumental piece with daunting emotion.

The new music video itself was made in collaboration with Alpha Channel VFX and produced in a quite unique way since it only shows graphic images of outer space. That concept seemingly befitting with Piru’s meaning for the song which the musical act consider has a transcendent feeling, just like floating through space. Certainly an interesting way of crafting a music video, although it might not be something common in this modern era, but still pretty interesting idea that somewhat suits with what the musician is keen on projecting.

Talking more about the track, this instrumental track certainly have that mysterious atmosphere of space like vibe with that post rock/alternative kind of sounding from start to finish. Combining a pretty comforting guitar riffs with solid drum play, Orpo Piru successfully delivers an intriguing and daunting sound with less complexity but remain rich in taste. Although there’s not many complex musical display being shown, ‘Betelgueze’ is an entertaining instrumental piece that can attract interest of many music lovers, especially those who are looking for some exciting, mysterious but comforting kind of tune.

Starting out in 2017, it didn’t take long for the solo project band to craft its debut album as “A-Mortal Visions” have been released. This doesn’t mean that Piru is not taking things seriously as everything is being worked in professional fashion, mostly by the musician himself with an extra help on drums along with recording process by Mr. Antti Valimaki. The new song ‘Betelgueze’ itself is able to showcase the musician’s song writing along with arranging ability as he can produce a conceptually fine piece without going too technical about it.

More information about the Orpo Piru can be checked out at:

Those who haven’t check out the music video for ‘Betelgueze’ can be viewed here:

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