Video: K-pop Idol G-Dragon gives a rock touch on Elvis’ cover

K-pop superstar, G-Dragon makes a surprising rock-flavored cover for Elvis’ hit track “Can’t help Falling in Love”.

The recent Elvis movie which premiered last month seems to ignite people’s interest in the legendary musician’s hit songs. An iconic K-pop musician/rapper, G-Dragon is one of those who recently do a rendition of the King’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.

Mostly known because of his rapping skills, one might think G-Dragon would incorporate it on his cover piece. However, surprisingly the Big Bang member actually sings throughout the song.

His decision not to put any rap verse is not the only surprising thing as G-Dragon also arranged the song into a move of a punk-rock track. After starting out with a normal vibe, the K-Pop star immediately got it rocking once the lyrics got into the ‘Shal I stay’ part, giving that surprise element as the musical change was pretty big.

His decision to infuse the rock element looks like a good choice as it kinda suits his vocal character and makes it more unique.

As for the video, G-Dragon made a collage of himself and Elvis into one, showing the rapper/singer’s admiration for the legendary musician.

Overall, it’s an interesting take on the classic hit, which might not work for many musicians but it kinda clicks for GD.

Check out G-Dragon’s rock cover of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love””

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