Richie Kotzen’s Thrilling New Single ‘Riot’

Guitar virtuoso and singer, Richie Kotzen, never stop on giving his fans with top notch stuff, including his latest music video for a new song titled ‘Riot’. This latest single is the follow up for his previous one called, ‘The Damned’, which was officially released back on January 24, 2018. However, unlike that first track, Richie’s latest out immediately went online via Youtube, instead of getting an exclusive viewing at guitar player magazine a day before. The second track unleashed by the maestro this year, further indicating that a new exciting album might be arriving sometime soon, after his latest outing “Salting Earth” hitting every online music store in 2017.

‘Riot’ itself is another sensational track from the virtuoso as he masterfully combined his bluesy rock element with that fun touch of soul stuff, creating such charming track. Despite being a very fun and catchy, this new song doesn’t lose any of its fierceness, thanks to Richie’s excellent guitar riffs and tasty solos, which should blown away many guitar heads all over the globe. Combined with his heavy rockin’ vocals, this single pretty further brings out RK’s excellent musicality, song writing and simply desire in crafting such quality music every year. The track never seems to have an off beat from start to finish as its composition is just exciting, full of energy, fun melodies, brilliant guitar playing, quality vocals and ear catchy hooks.

As for the music video, it was shot by Vicente Cordero, and just like ‘The Damned’ this latest one also didn’t give out any complicated back story or features as it only showcasing Richie and his band mates rocking out to the song they’re playing. The background setting is an somewhat an outdoor junkyard which is quite spacious and for some reason just suits quite well with the music. On the clip, RK is back using his Fender Telecaster again to rock things out, instead of shredding a Stratocaster, like what he did in the clip for his first single. Despite its minimalist concept and style, it’s still an exciting clip to enjoy, especially for rock lovers or guitar heads as they can just focus on enjoying the maestro kicking ass instead of paying attention to other stuff.

Song title : Riot
Official Release date: Jun 5, 2018

Artist : Richie Kotzen

More information about Richie Kotzen and his music stuff can be checked out at:


Without further due, check out and enjoy Richie Kotzen’s new music video for ‘Riot’ :

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