Sammy Boller’s Debut Release “Kingdom Of The Sun”

Coming into the guitar scene after getting himself picked by Joe Satriani himself as the winner of ‘Master Satriani’ guitar competition for Guitar Center back in 2012, Sammy Boller finally get his debut album. Being handled under Candyrat Records, the Detroit based new era virtuoso has just released an 11 track full record called “Kingdom of The Sun” in March 20, 2020. This record certainly showcase the dream, spirit and hard work that Sammy has been putting up til now.

The first single from this debut release is the album title track, which offers a pretty hard rocking atmosphere with his melodic tapping runs, which blends really well with the heavy and slightly gloomy feel. ‘Sunrise Sunset’ started with another technically fine melodies that is wrapped into the ripping hard rock background sound. A unique kind of soothing feel can be heard from ‘Cloak Of Light’ as if its trying to offer that slight of brightness in the middle of a mist. ‘Lolitet’ offers another skillful and fun sequence guitar melodies with nice chord arrangement from start to finish.

Just like its title ‘For Madmen Only’ has the some sort hectic and complex atmosphere which is represented in the melodies, runs and riffs. ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ provide somewhat quite similar slight gloomy with a hint of bright feel with slight heavier rockin riffs. ‘Illusions’ somehow try to put your mind into some kind of spell with that mysterious and magical vibe. ‘The Empress’ sounds more progressive with the way the drum approach things and how the guitar is being blended in. Á short solo tapping verse can be heard in the next track called ‘Temple of Time before getting back into another melodic hard rock feel with ‘Mirror of the Heart’.

The debut album is finally being concluded with ‘Awakening From The Daydream” which is a fun, melodic and has that sort of rock ballad feel into it. Certainly a very fitting ending for such an intriguing guitar adventure that immediately showcase Sammy’s unique approach and character from start to finish. Being his first full length release “Kingdom Of the Sun” can be considered a nice introduction for the young guitar virtuoso into the industry as he showcase his chops, sound and musical preference. One might be keen for some more diversity in the songs, but its a relatively understandable approach for a debut as its the musician’s way of presenting his stuff as a whole.

Sammy Boller‘s Debut Album “Kingdom of The Sun” track-list :

  • Kingdom of the Sun
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Cloak of Light
  • Iolite
  • For Madmen Only
  • Dark Night of the Soul
  • Illusions
  • The Empress
  • Mirror of the Heart
  • Temple of Time
  • Awakening From The Daydream

Album’s release date: March 20, 2020

Check out the music video for Sammy Boller’s album title track called ‘Kingdom of The Sun’ :

Here is the official music video for ‘Cloak of Light’ :

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