Follow No One’s Single Titled ‘Fear No Evil’

Soon since their success in winning the Award for the Best Rock Act in 2019 at the JMA Awards which is often regarded as the world’s biggest independent industry music awards, rock duo Follow No One have released a video for their single ‘Fear No Evil’, which seemingly get its official outing on February 3, 2020. The latest single pretty much another intriguing work from the combination of Rich Hall along with Pedro Murino Almeida, which continue their attempt in crafting such heavy hitting hard rock with that alternative, progressive and Indie rock element being implemented.

Their latest video for ‘Fear No Evil’ itself is a sort of combination of simple lyrical clip with some addition of scenes showcasing many stuff from people waking up being curious and trying to look into something. There’s also some road trip feature being inserted along with walking into the sea, though there’s another domination of eyes as representation of people watching for things that can give them some fear. It’s a pretty suitable lyric video for the song itself as not only providing the full words of the track but also creating the atmosphere that this piece is trying to capture.

Talking more about the single itself, ‘Fear No Evil’ is an interesting rock piece that try to blend hard rock element with that alternative vibes, progressive feel and create that new stuff that sounds like a melting pot of rocking stuff. Rich vocals brings out a distinctively unique vibe that actually combines really well with Pedro’s excellent piece of guitar playing, that can be clearly heard from strong riffs and excellent solos. Having such huge range of influence from musicians such as Dream Theater, Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold, Alter Bridge, Imagine Dragons and Three Days Grace, one can certainly feel that wide range of musical elements the duo seemingly have.

Overall, this is really an intriguingly fun rock track that peoples should try checking out as they might find themselves getting into it so much. Although there’s some unconventional approaches being implemented, but overall this song really offers something that can put tons of curiosity and appeal for any rock lovers from all over the globe. Not necessarily something for everyone’s ear but once your hooked it can be something you will just play frequently without feeling bored. There’s just enough things going on musically that can keep listeners feeling a sense of curiosity throughout the four minutes time.

Check out the music video for Follow No One’s Single ‘Fear No Evil’:

Follow No One’s Single – Fear No Evil

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