In the Light of Led Zeppelin’s “Pompeii Sessions”

 The influence of Led Zeppelin is undoubtedly huge for may rock musicians, including for the likes of Antonio Bolet ( Guitar, Mandolin, Slide and Acoustic), Scott Board (Vocals/ Percussion), Autumn Martini (Bass and Acoustic Guitar), Randi Fishenfeld (Violin), Linda Kiley (Keyboard/Synth, Mandolin and Backing Vocals) along with Keith Howard ( Drums) who formed an eventually renown cover band named, In the Light of Led Zeppelin (ITLOL). Just by checking out their band name, people will ultimately know what kind of songs they’re playing, though they also received strong influenced from the music released by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant who had their sheer of musical adventures as a duo in the early-mid 90s.

Showcasing their strong bond and affection towards Page and Plant’s duo project, In the Light of Led Zeppelin recently unleashed a special album entitled “Pompeii Sessions”. On that record, as always, the cover band were very determined in bringing out their own rendition of Zeppelin’s classic stuff to the fans, creating such fun musical experience for those listening to it. For the new album, released on July 23, 2017, the rockers recorded seven songs: Dancing Days, Ramble On, Battle of Evermore, The Rain Song, Friends, Four Sticks along with Kashmir. ITLOL certainly didn’t just play all of those songs like the original recordings as they put their own touch, notably with that live acoustic sound being implemented in such complimentary fashion.

‘Dancing Days’ which started out the album is played in such raw rocking sound but have that live kind of atmosphere, though it didn’t make significant chances from the basic original. Addition string section certainly provide an extra feel, such us putting in that orchestra kind of feel into the rockin’ track. ‘Ramble On’ is also being played in such fun fashion, once again providing that slight essence of ITLOL, but still without completely wiping out that strong character from the original tune. ‘Kashmir’ was chosen as the closing track of this record and it’s certainly a worthy one as the quite famous track is performed in such fine fashion and entertaining, which is important considering is a very long song. Overall, In the Light of Led Zeppelin’s “Pompeii Sessions” is a record that will bring that fun and nostalgic feeling, not only for Zeppelin’s die hard fans, but also those who enjoy rock music. Although some modern fans might not always dig the raw sound being implemented, but they can still enjoy the music as a whole package.

Here is the full track listing for In the Light of Led Zeppelin’s latest album “Pompeii Sessions”:

1. Dancing Days
2. Ramble On
3. Battle of Evermore
4. The Rain Song
5. Friends
6. Four Sticks
7. Kashmir


Official release date : July 23, 2017.

More information about the band can be checked out at :


Check out In the Light of Led Zeppelin’s music video for ‘Kashmir’ :

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