Megadeth Canceled a Show Following Bassist Injury

A rather displeasing situation occurred for Megadeth fans in Hungary last Friday, July 15 as the band were forced to cancel their show at Rockmaraton festival. The main reason for that one day cancelation was because an injury to the metal act’s bass player, David Ellefson who fractured his foot after falling off the backstage area before the show started. That news was immediately released by Megadeth’s leading man, Dave Mustaine via Persicope, explaining the whole situation.


However, after receiving treatment in the hospital there seems to be a hope that the show can still go on, but once they got on stage, Mustaine decided that they can’t carry on knowing Ellefson’s condition was just not up for it. Nevertheless, it is believed that no cancellation for the band’s performance this Saturday as Ellefson’s condition supposedly will be much better after having some rest. The bassist himself was actually in a positive mood right after receiving the treatment from hospital, but still can’t carry out the show yesterday.


Surely an interesting moment which might be considered rare in shows, but very possible, hopefully this situation will give Ellefson more caution during backstage check up in the coming future. Notably, despite already stating their apology, fans who have already expecting their performance will feel nothing but disappointment. However, nothing that Megadeth can really do in that situation as it’s very close with the time of show, so they most likely take the best decision for the sake of their tour and David Ellefson’s condition at that time.

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