Paul Gilbert’s Educational MV ‘Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal’

Couple of months back, guitar maestro, Paul Gilbert premiered an interesting music video on his Youtube channel for one of his new songs titled, ‘Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal’. Which we previously previewed before our site suffered from technical issue, which forced us to sort of getting things back from scrap. Getting back to PG’s track, this song is the first one that was made into video clip from his latest record, “I Can Destroy”. The guitarist streamed his album’s title track earlier, but it was merely and audio instead of an MV. There’s no confirmation on whether the MR. Big guitarist will be creating another clip for songs on his new record which have been officially unleashed back on May 27, 2016.

Sharing more about the clip itself, it is actually a quite interesting one as Paul crafted an animated video for the track, while describing the meaning of the song itself. On the video, PG was seen driving around with his little kid and was experiencing unpleasant situation due to some people who refused o turn their turn signal on. It’s a nice message being spread by PG through a rocking and fun track along with funny animation music video which can also be showed to little kids out there.

As for the track, just as it was shortly described above, it’s an exciting rock song from PG which somewhat familiar to all music fans who already knew stuff from his solo records. The virtuoso normally like to create this type of songs with exquisite guitar playing, but somewhat simple and easy to understand lyrics, sort of adding that fun element into the whole song itself. It’s definitely an enjoyable rock piece that should entertain fans of this genre, notably guitar heads out there who have been missing exciting solo stuff from Mr. Paul Gilbert.

Here is the video for Paul Gilbert’s ‘Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal’ :

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