Steve Vai Released Special Masterclass Video

Guitar virtuoso and three times Grammy Winner, Steve Vai is set to share his playing secrets and tips through an interactive masterclass video called ‘Steve Vai’s Alien Guitar Secrets: Passion and Warfare via TrueFire. On the video, practicing guitarist or any guitar heads will be given that rare opportunity of listening to Vai’s in depth talks that can help every players discovering their personal music identity, something that is never easy to be done. Not only that, the maestro will eventually provide special break down of his playing for his sensational “Passion and Warfare” album.

This surely is a special treat for any guitar practicing musician or even those professional players who are still looking to further their knowledge and skills. Vai obviously is one of the most technically gifted axeman out there, so acquiring so many knowledge inside one video will be such a worthwhile experience. Those interested can check out site and just search for Steve Vai to find this special masterclass stuff and choose on whether they’re keen on purchasing the DC plus download (for $69) or just the instant download (for $49). Experiencing 4 hours of video lessons complete with tabs and naked tracks from Steve Vai is surely something that shouldn’t be missed at all.

Moreover, to make things more spicy, TrueFire along with Vai also have special giveaway which is the guitarist’s signed Legacy amp that can be acquired in a simple fashion. Although the winner will be randomly picked but all you need to do is just some simple social media related stuff, so what are you guys waiting for? Go check website or more detailed information.

Here is a sneak peak of what you can get from Steve Vai’s Alien Guitar Secrets: Passion & Warfare:

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