The Music and Guitar World Mourn the Passing of Eddie Van Halen

Entering the final months of 2020, another sad news arrived for music lovers and notably guitar fans from all over the globe on October 6th as this date will now be remembered as the mourning day for guitar legend, Eddie Van Halen. The iconic guitar maestro unfortunately has passed away following his long battle with cancer as it was confirmed by Eddie’s son himself, Wolfgang Van Halen via social media.

That shocking news immediately creating waves of emotion throughout the world, especially with the currently fast social media pace. Many top musicians along with guitar virtuosos are mourning EVH’s death, while adding their personal stories, experience and of course strong feeling towards the influential maestro.

Billie Joe Amstrong of Green Day posted a special clip of Van Halen‘s interview where the maestro stated how he wanted to jam again with his late father back than. John Mayer also shared his story of how EVH has always been such an inspiration for him and despite the guitar legend’s passing, John will not stop watching his musical inspiration forever.Jon Bon Jovi along with Steven Tyler also shared their condolences with everyone.

Heartfelt messages also coming from fellow guitar maestros, such as Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker, John Petrucci, John 5, Bryan May, Dweezil Zappa, Jimmy Page, Steve Vai, Richie Kotzen, Angus Young and many more. Close friends, band members and former band mates like David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and others also showing their shock and deep sadness over Eddie’s passing.

Coming from a family of Dutch-Indonesian mixed, Eddie moves to America and build his musical dream back in 1972 where he built his band with his brother Alex (drums), David Lee Roth (vocals0 and Michael Anthony (bass). In 1978, they finally released their self titled debut that immediately set them up into success, especially in 1980 with hit songs such as ‘Jump’, ‘Panama’, ‘Hot for the Teacher’, ‘Running with the Devil’ and many more.

Even after David decided to part ways and replaced by Sammy, the band still managed to maintain its popularity with other songs such as, ‘Human’s Being’, ‘When It’s Love’, ‘Dream’ and so many others. Not only making his name in the rock music realm, Eddie also got involved in the pop world as he collaborated with Michael Jackson for the hit track ‘Beat It’. The iconic work of Van Halen also got himself and the band inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.

In the guitar world, Eddie’s work is widely known  as one of the most influential player and innovator, who opened many players into the extensive usage of two handed tapping, dive bombs, whammy playing, tone and just his melodic awesomeness.  The maestro is considered as an inspiration for many guitar players, even for those who eventually turn into virtuosos themselves.

We at Rock-Expert website team also offering our deepest condolences for all Van Halen families, friends and closed ones. Once again RIP legend, enjoy your new jamming place in heaven.

Check out one of Van Halen’s latest performance  playing ‘Jump’:

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