The Unique Connection Between Sewing Machines and Musicality

For a long time I never really think about the probable connection between sewing machines and musicality, aside from how that it helps creates clothing line related to bands or artist. However, nowadays I suddenly stumble into an intriguing fact that there’s more into that odd relation, notably after reading articles and watching videos of talented musicians using sewing machines to express their musical creativity.

Not only being able to be used as a music box, but sewing machines can and have been played as an instrument, precisely an amplified one where musicians can further express the sound so it can really define their musical idea. One of the stories that I’ve been reading is Stephanie Muller’s collaboration with Lisa Simpson, who both collaborate to perform their expansive music ideas with the two musicians’ singers sewing machines. Notably, their interest in using sewing machines as a musical instrument arrived not just out of random curiosity but also the fact they do have a close relationship with sewing as Lisa used to get herself involve in fashion related projects. That intriguing situation between fashion and their love of music pretty much what intrigued them to eventually come with the idea of creating that amplified sewing machines duo, showcasing the world that you can express your music through unconventional instruments.

Not just from checking out those duo story, but in on Youtube, I was also able to find some clips of indie musicians basically showcasing how they can produce exciting sound and ideas by using sewing machines. Certainly the sound and combination it produces are quite unique, but remain exciting, there’s even that cool rock like element that can be heard, such as what was being performed by Canadian musician, Martin Messier. It’s certainly interesting and somewhat intriguing to find out that there’s many exciting things that can be used to express ones musical ideas.

So, nowadays, when we think about that classic sewing machines, don’t just think that the only musical connection that can be taken is only with bands/musicians clothing or music box, but you can actually play and perform real music with it. That’s why if you have any interest in fashion and music maybe it’s time to try out that sewing machine as part of your musical instrument.

Check out this interesting performance from Martin Messier:

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