Viewing Interesting Instrumental Rock Songs from Luca Moscatelo

Good and entertaining music is everywhere and can be discovered in an unexpected fashion such as when I received interesting guitar instrumental stuff from a good friend of mine, Croatian guitarist, Luca Moscatelo. Already playing for about 20 years, Luca were able to put out some interesting tracks, notably the three songs that I will be sharing with you guys via this posting. The instrumental tracks that have also been uploaded via his YouTube account can be considered as melodic rock pieces which are filled with soothing melodies and catchy riffs.

As it was mentioned above, there are three songs that Luca posted on his official YouTube account, starting with ‘The Ninja Approaching’, which opens up with quite bright joyful atmosphere and continuously offering that comforting catchy melody throughout the whole track. ‘Fight Your Own Battles’ somewhat combine hard rock feel with Joe Satriani kind of melodic approach and scales usage that can be felt from the verse part of this instrumental song. The third song ‘The Way Home’ is also an interesting piece especially because of the dreamy atmosphere it brings, mostly due to the effects being used along with licks played.

Recording all of those tracks on his own with equipments such as, Gibson Les Paul Classic, Musicman Axis, Messa Boggie Subway Blues and recorded simply on Mac. Although those songs are only being crafted in a home studio setup, but it’s more than good enough to listen, notably because it’s well arranged and written. Talking about inspiration, Luca mentioned that his guitar inspiration comes from the likes of Vlatko Stefanovski, Joe Satriani and Mark Knopfler, which somewhat indicated from the way he plays and writes. Try to check out more about Luca and his music by checking at his youtube account.

Anyway here are the videos for all three songs from Luca Moscatelo:

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