Checking Out Wilder Sons’ Latest EP “In Between”

After releasing their second EP “Scatterbrain” back in 2016, Florida based alternative rockers, Wilder Sons returned with another release this time it’s titled “In Between” which received its official outing on August 3, under Legend Recordings. The mini album consisted of only four tracks, which might not be much in terms of numbers but remain high in value as Brian Blount (guitar/vocal), Jacob Rubinton (guitar/vocal), Dan Spring (bass) along with Nic Veins all gave their best in collaborating to compose every songs on that EP. Moreover, the quartet are also very keen on expanding their music so it can reach more music lovers in all over the globe and improving themselves as musicians along the way.

The first track that music fans can tune in from “In Between” is an interesting song called ‘Keeps Me Up’ that blends in that alt rock vibe with that indie and beach rock kind of sound. It has a nice tempo into it and also quite catchy hook part that will give everyone listening that comfortable and enjoyable feel. Next up is the EP’s title track that offers that slight ballad and pop rock element, showcasing Wilder Sons’ nice melodic composition, vocals and musical arrangement. It’s certainly a song that also provides that soulful touch as the warm atmosphere can be felt quite visibly through its lyrics and melodies.

‘Circles’ is another track that has that pop-alternative vibe going on strongly, without ditching the rock sound and once showcasing the quartet’s talent in their songwriting ability. Another track that can easily attract the attention of many music lovers from different genre, including current modern generation. A slightly gloomy atmosphere is felt from the fourth track, ‘Coming Clean’ that seemingly eager to express the rockers’ sad kind of feel. The alternative rock feel remain strong in this song with its sound, riffs, composition and vocals as despite having a rather slow tempo it doesn’t lose any appeal due to the strong feel it offers.

Overall, Wilder Songs’ latest EP is an interesting album that alternative rock fans should definitely check out as it offers that warm and enjoyable atmosphere, despite it’s not a particularly long musical adventure. Only having four songs might be something that music fans will be disappointed about, but in a positive way, it also means that they should really be enjoying all of the songs on that record. The strong pop-rock vibe certainly makes the songs are very accessible for wide range of music lovers as those who are not much a fan of alt rock can really dig what this talented rockers are showcasing. Born in South Florida back in 2013, the band are now looking to get themselves more acknowledgment in the music realm while still enjoying themselves.

Band : Wilder Songs

EP Title: “In Between”

Official Release Date: August 3, 2018.

Full track list for Winder Sons’ new EP “In Between”:

  • Keeps Me Up
  • In Between
  • Circles
  • Coming Clean

More information about the band and their new album can be checked out at:

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