Enjoying Jason Vitelli’s New Release “Head Above Tide”

Still in the early months of 2018, rock music never stop releasing exciting stuff for the fans, such as a recent outing from New York baser rocker, Jason Vitelli. The musician crafted in total of 16 tracks, combining many interesting element from dramatic kind of arrangements, with that bit of folk approach plus progressive kind of feel which leading into an intriguing art rock album entitled “Head Above Tide”, which just received its official release on January 17th 2018. On the new songs, Jason basically keen on describing how people handle obstacles in life and facing any adversities along the way. Not only taking one or two references, the rocker went all out and set down stuff from family, literature, romance relationship, fantasy and even the culture around him all become inspiration for stories he developed on his songs.

Jason started his artsy musical adventure with a track called ‘Hit and Run’, an intriguing song with that nice art rock atmosphere presented with fine keyboard arrangements, progressive runs along with story telling like singing. The album’s lead single ‘Labyrinthine’ offers an outlook over the main character of a novel from William Styron called ‘Sophie’s Choice’. Musically it has that mysterious kind of ambiance, with exciting string lines combined with that artsy arrangement, fine vocals combination between the art rocker with the female backing, creating such an interesting tune. A much more serious theme can be heard from ‘Three Marionettes’ as the rock musician is determined in portraying the difficult condition and hardships of child refugees from the second Sudanese Civil war. Musically, it mixed up that art/prog approach with a pop-ballad like element, providing that melodic feel without going away from its basic style.

‘Autumn Hymn’ is another lovely ballad feel art rock piece that brings out plenty emotion as the rocker apparently looking to image a metaphor of the passing parade of life. Certainly another intriguing piece of music that should attract attention from fans of this kind of rock genre. Another nice pop-element implementation can be checked out on ‘Welcome to My Life, Healing’ which also inserted that slight reggae-rock feel in between, combining well with the basic prog-art rock theme to create such richly creative song. The album itself being wrapped with a track called ‘A Mutiny’, a fine piece with such excellent melodic display along with exquisite arrangement, worthy ending for this type of album. Being his third full length studio release, Jason gives his all in the production, which is notable on the amount of songs he’s able to craft and how those tracks are representing his musical style very well.

Being strongly influence with film, stories aside from music, Jason really comes out as a very artistic musician that is determined in sharing his songs in such epic fashion with art/progressive rock approach, story telling lyrics, creating such creative display of music. Whether or not his music can simply represent the New York in him it doesn’t really matter as he successfully produce such fine record, that although it’s not something for everyone, but those who enjoy a strongly artistic rock stuff combined with that slight of chamber pop, progressive element shouldn’t have much issue in enjoying “Head Above Tide”.

Full track listing for Jason Vitelli’s new album “Head Above Tide”.

Hit and Run
2. Fault Lines
3. The Persecuted
4. (descension)
5. Labyrinthine
6. Living Proof
7. D-Day
8. Welcome to My Life, Healing
9. (ascension)
10. Trees
11. Pinwheel
12. Autumn Hymn
13. Propagate
14. Vacant
15. Three Marionettes
16. A Mutiny

Official release date: January 17, 2018

More information about Jason Vitelli and his music works can be checked out at:

Here is the official music video for Jason Vitelli’s lead single ‘Labyrinthine’ :

‘The Persecuted’

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