Season Of Ghosts’ New Music Video ‘A Place to Call Home’

Finishing up the work for their new album “A Leap of Faith”, scheduled for release this Autumn, cinematic electro-metal band, Season of Ghosts, recently outed a music video for their latest single called ‘A Place to Call Home’. Officially streamed via the band’s youtube channel on July 5, 2018, the MV was directed by Intetsu with footage of it being exclusively shot in Turin, Italy. Naturally it was an intriguingly fine clip as it’s being handled in such fine and professional production, making it quite eye catching for everyone to see.

Explaining more about the music video for ‘A Place to Call Home’, it was being presented in a unique combination of dark and bright background. Showcasing footage of the band rockin’ out to their song in a sort of music studio being mixed of shots of them in a helicopter heading for an unknown location. I personally don’t know much about any special story or meaning behind the clip, but as I previously stated it was a well made video and pretty eye catching, despite not having any special back story being offered. It’s a fun clip that can be enjoyed and doesn’t give out any rush or rough product, which can often be the case with several rock/metal bands in recent years.

As for the song itself, this track possess that strong cinematic electro-metal feel with the usage of modern synth combined with edgy heavy hitting distortion, cool riffs, but also somewhat nice melodic feel that doesn’t put too much gloomy element into it. The vibe that can be captured when listening to this song is a vibrant, positive and full of energy, simply one of those fun metal track that can easily catch the attention of other music fans from different genre. This track also showed the musical talent that Season of Ghosts have, from strong vocals and excellent composition along with arrangement that might not often visible from listening to just one song.

This new single is certainly a positive warm up for rock fans before they enjoy the band’s full length record “A Leap Of Faith”. Having been involved in the music world since September 2010, Sophia Aslanides (vocals), Zombie Sam (guitar), Paul Dark Brown (bass) along with Max Buell (drums) are certainly more than eager to continue their adventure in exploring the metal realm and music industry in general. Hopefully, the new single and its music video can really be a positive bench mark for them to further enhance their career.

More information about the band can be checked out at :

Song title : ‘A Place to Call Home’

Album : “A Leap Of Faith”

Here is the official music video for Season of Ghosts’ latest single ‘A Place to Call Home’ :

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