Enjoying Kerbera’s New Music Video for ‘Home Is Where I Don’t Belong’

Following the previous two releases this year, Swedish alternative rock act, Kerbera returned to continue their attempt in entertaining their fans along with music enthusiasts with their new single called ‘Home Is Where I Don’t Belong” which along with its video received an official release date on October 5, 2018. The band’s third song this year is another intriguing alternative piece with strong post hardcore touch combined with such melodic element making it an exciting song that can certainly attract the attention of many rock lovers from all over the globe.

The music video itself has been streamed on Youtube for several days now, as it was published on October 4, and have been receiving good response as it’s already been viewed more than 12,000 times. Although it hasn’t reach the heights of their debut single ‘Inglorious’ but considering the vast and differs digital market this days, that current number for ‘Home Is Where I Don’t Belong’ can be considered pretty good for a rock song in this current era. Filmed by Nordic Star’s Production, the new MV starred James Billowes along with Kerbera band members telling a story of someone who seemingly experiencing an interestingly weird illusion.

There’s certainly a pretty dark and deep meaning that the Swedish rockers are keen on depicting into their video, which provides that cult classic thriller drama kind of vibe from start to finish. It’s not necessarily a super dark clip, but there’s more of that sort of twisted kind of feel that people can take when they check out the clip. Although the story visualization might not be an eye candy, but it’s certainly suitable enough to act as representation of the single itself that convey strong and somewhat gloomy atmosphere.

Musically, as it was mentioned earlier above, ‘Home Is Where I Don’t Belong’ combined that melodic alternative rock element with heavy post-hardcore sound in such fine manner that simply blends in quite well. There’s no weird kind of taste when hearing those slightly different sound being arranged into one exciting piece that will make many rock fans feeling that strong energy that the band offer. Despite not giving out anything super technical, this track still able to show such excellent composition and arrangement, pretty much confirming the strong talent that the five piece band have. Overall, this new single is another fine track which continue to showcase the musical pedigree that this Scandinavian rockers certainly possess .

Single : ‘Home Is Where I Don’t Belong’

Band : Kerbera

Official Release Date : October 5, 2018.

More information about the band and their stuff can be viewed at:

Those who haven’t check out Kerbera’s music video for ‘Home Is Where I Don’t Belong’ do check this out:

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