Miggs’ Single titled ‘Walls Come Down’

Back in late 2014, Pop-Rock act Miggs were gracious enough to use Rock-Expert website as the platform in promoting their single titled ‘Walls Come Down’, which is an excellent tune which should be receiving plenty affection if some issues didn’t happen with our site. Recent technical issues that we’re experiencing forcing us to lose that exciting article about Miggs video lyric, which now we are keen on restoring again via this article. Along with some additional info about this exciting Tampa based rockers.


Miggs themselves are an experienced band as they were first founded way back in 2002, however after finishing their fifth studio album titled “15th & Hope”, they had a short break before getting things back on track with the release of the ‘Walls Comes Down’ single in August 2014. Recently, this Pop-rock act unleashed a new single called ‘Ordinary’ which received positive response from music fans and also have an accompanying music video being premiered via YouTube.


This clip itself is a lyric video which was crafted in an artistic way that will surely entertain its listener as they might even think it as an official MV for that track. Naturally, this clip is the only one that they made for ‘Walls Come Down’, since there’s no other one being made after this lyric video. The song itself is an interesting rock anthem with that slight pop touch which create an easy listening piece that still have nice rockin’ punch into it.


Meanwhile, here is the official lyric video for Miggs’ single ‘Walls Come Down’:

Check out all of the latest info for Miggs at:

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