Paralandra’s Latest EP “Ascension”

Already entering the hard rock/metal music scene since 2014, four exciting rockers called Paralandra are determined to further enhance their career by unleashing their latest EP entitled “Ascension”, which received its official released date on June 1, 2018. Born from a very unique father – daughter combination of Paul Carson (guitar) and Cassandra Carson (vocal and guitar), they continue to develop with two more addition, Nick Gray (drums) along with Sawyer Rikard (bass). Having just signed with Legendary Records, the foursome are hopeful that their latest outing can help them in sharing their music for all music enthusiasts everywhere.

Starting out their “Ascension”, the rockers picked a high energy metal track called ‘Back to Life’ which has that similar vibe with Evanescence’s stuff. The hard hitting riff will bring tons of excitement for any music lovers, while its’ fine melodies makes it a very enjoyable hard rock piece that can easily be enjoyed by everyone, even those who are not that much into this genre. A slightly heavier and darker kind of atmosphere can be heard from ‘Pretty Little Liar’, another heavy sounded distortion at the start should pump ones spirit as they begin to enjoy every part of the track. ‘Killer Queen’ is not a cover of Queen’s song, but it’s an original fast-paced hard rock/heavy metal piece from Paralandra that once again offer an energizing riffs plus excitingly catchy melodies and hooks.

Another head banging riff is being presented in such quality fashion through ‘Never Without Me’, combination of excellent arrangement and song writing once again brings out such high energy hard hitting rock piece with such lovely melodic element. ‘Need to Feed’ returns into a more medium tempo piece but doesn’t reduce any of the band’s enormous energy as Cassandra strong vocals along with heavy guitar distortion continue to supply music fans with that headbanging feel from start to finish. Overall, Paralandra’s new EP ‘Ascension’ can be described as a high energy and enjoyable hard rock record that won’t only satisfy many metal heads, but can also attract the attention of other music lovers from difference genre. Definitely a worthy album to check out, especially for those hard rock devotees who might be thirsty for some quality music from a relatively new band.

Full track listing for Paralandra’s new EP “Ascension”:

  1. Back to life
  2. Pretty Little Liars
  3. Killer Queen
  4. Never Without Me
  5. Need to Feed

Album’s release date: June 1, 2018.

More information about the band can be checked out at:



Check out the official music video for Paralandra’s single ‘Back to Life’ here:

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