Scott Allen Project New EP “Escape Velocity”

Continuing his progressive musical journey in the new year, guitar maestro, Scott Allen has just released a new EP under his Scott Allen Project (SAP) in May 1st 2020. The new EP is entitled “Escape Velocity” which simply keen on showing a band that is currently hitting their strides and becoming such a force in the prog-rock realm.

The new EP consist of seven tracks, starting from ‘Hitting the Walls’, ‘The Tosser’, ‘Headed Due North’, ‘Wrecked’, ‘Sunset’, ‘Taking the A Train’, and ‘Fantasy. SAP’s reasoning in coming up with an EP as the follow up to their 2015 full length outing “III”, is because of the current change in today’s music trend in which releasing a full album is no more a central part for any musicians’ work. Trying to get into the game without notably disappointing their loyal devotees, unleashing this seven track mini album is certainly a wise decision to make.

Starting their escape with ‘Hitting the Walls’, the band seemingly trying to get everyone pumps up immediately with such hard and heavy metal piece with that touch of modern sound, hint of progressive movements along with melodic runs. ‘The Tosser’ brings out more fun kind of atmosphere with stronger rock-progressive approach into the track that offers a brighter feel for its listener. ‘Headed Due North’ started off with such lovely acoustic ballad stuff that brings out that comforting aura, before hitting a melodic hard rock anthem groove.

‘Wrecked’ puts an interesting dark kind of beginning before transferring into a slightly brighter atmosphere with some melodic runs, this track also offer that complex prog playing to create such heavy technical ambiance. ‘Sunset’ is another piece that showcase the melodic ballad ability from Scott as his melodies will sway its listener as if they’re enjoying the gist of a sunset. Back to that metal approach, ‘Take the A Train’ seemingly set in taking everyone back into their prog metal ride from start to finish. This fine sounding EP is being closed with ‘Fantasy’ that brings out their rock progressive feel once again still with fine melodic runs throughout.

Starting things off back in 2006 with their first album “What Lies Beyond Words”, Scott Allen with Brian Frost (Drum) and Brian Kinney (Bass) keeps on going and once again showcasing their musical quality with such entertaining EP. Although only having seven tracks, but it’s still a fulfilling musical adventure especially for those who enjoy prog rock and guitar instrumental stuff. Some tracks could even pass for an all around music lover enjoyment that can just accompany ones hectic or leisure day.

Having Derek Sherenian (Dream Theater/Sons of Apollo/Black Country Communion/Billy Idol) helping out on keyboard certainly put a stronger feel into that progressive atmosphere. Coming from his days at GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) Scott certainly has come far now in interpreting his love of progressive music along with excellent guitar playing. In all this is a fun and exciting EP to check out and make sure to support Scott Allen Project‘s music, tour and other stuff.

Scott Allen Project’s New EP “Escape Velocity”:

  1. Hitting The Walls
  2. The Tosser
  3. Headed Due North
  4. Wrecked
  5. Sunset
  6. Taking the A Train
  7. Fantasy

album’s release date : May 1st 2020

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