Def Leppard Released MV for ‘Man Enough’

 British legendary rockers, Def Leppard recently debuted the music video for their latest single titled, ‘Man Enough’, which is also the third track from their new self-titled album outed back in October 2015. The music video for it was being shot by Frank Gryner, creating an interesting combination between 3D CG with high definition visualization of the rockers, playing their song in a dark background which somewhat putting them in a sort of visual media. It’s quite unique as basically the clip is not being made in a super fancy kind of way with in depth story telling, but everything is just well made and look modern.

Although the MV might not elaborate on the song’s story, but it still carry that feel that ‘Man Enough’ tried to create, which is a rock song that has some kind of dance like feel into it. That intention in creating a disco kind of vibe was explained by guitarist, Phil Collen, who stated that his first idea of that song is actually Michael Jackson‘s ‘Billie Jean’. As things finally finished, there’s even that Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust reminiscence, notably from the bass line. Nevertheless, just like Collen said, the intention was always to craft a song with a dance king of element, which he believes they’ve done it well for this one.

‘Man Enough’ itself was the third single being released in support of the band’s self titled album, following previous releases such as ‘Let’s Go and ‘Dangerous’. Talking more about the record, this 11th studio outing from Def Leppard is their first since quite a while as their previous one before it was “Songs from The Sparkle Lounge” released back in 2008. That gap is actually the band’s longest between two studio albums throughout their long music career. Nevertheless, the long wait seemingly brought some positive as that self titled record debuted at 10th in Billboard top 200, while peaking at 5th, making it their seventh top 10 albums ever.

This rockers will still be touring throughout this year, as they continue to promote their new album and rocking out with their die hard fans from all over the globe. More info about their tour schedule along with other interesting projects of stuff can be checked out at

Meanwhile, here is the music video for Def Leppard’s latest single titled ‘Man Enough’ enjoy:

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